WINTER 2023-2024 (in progress)

THE INFRAPOLITICS DEBATE: Is infrapolitics geological? Reviews of Nigel Clark’s ‘Molten Praxis: Infrapolitics and the Inner-Outer Earth Juncture‘ by José Luis Villacañas and Alberto Moreiras, followed by a brief reply to each from the author

THE INFRAPOLITICS DEBATE: The extinction of academic writing? Reviews of Maddalena Cerrato & Peter Baker’s ‘Between Futurology and Extinction: A Trans-Autographic Experiment in Two Turns’ by Janneke Adema and Gabriela Méndez Cota, followed by a response to both from the authors


Publishing Futures for the Arts and Humanities
   International Association for Visual Culture


THE UNIVERSITY DEBATE: Public Values, Higher Education and the Scourge of Neoliberalism: Politics at the Limits of the Social
    Henry A. Giroux

THE UNIVERSITY DEBATE: Our Miners’ Moment: The Battle to Save Higher Education for Working-Class Students
   Alex Lockwood

    Keyan Tomaselli

THE UNIVERSITY DEBATE: Cut the Shock Doctrine: Radicalize Common Sense
    Paul Bowman

THE UNIVERSITY DEBATE: Amidst the Culture of Efficiency
     Sunil Manghani

THE UNIVERSITY DEBATE: On the ‘Death’ of the University
    Jason Rovito

THE UNIVERSITY DEBATE: ‘Education, Education, Education’
     Ewa Sidorenko

THE UNIVERSITY DEBATE: Diversity and Choice
    Leon Wainwright

THE UNIVERSITY DEBATE: The Death of the University, English Style
   Nick Couldry,  Angela McRobbie

Youth in Dark Times: Broken Promises and Dashed Hopes
    Henry A. Giroux

APRIL 2007

The Somnambulist and the Hermaphrodite: Deleuze and Johann Malfatti de Montereggio and Occultism
    Christian Kerslake

MARCH 2006

Creative Evolution? The Quest for Life (On Mars)
    Sarah Kember

MAY 2003

Anarchic Vision: Ocular Constructions of Race and the Challenge of Ethics
    Dorota Glowacka


Can Desire Go On Without A Body? Pornographic Exchange
 and the Death of the Sun
    Dougal Phillips

JULY 2002

Interview with Donald E. Ingber
    Donald E. Ingber,Diane Morgan

JUNE 2002

From Retrovirus to Hyper-text: The Technogeneses of the Wake
    Louis Armand

APRIL 2002

The Politics of Emergency versus Public Time: Terrorism and
 the Culture of Fear
    Henry A. Giroux


Responding: A Discussion with Samuel Weber Samuel Weber,
    Simon Morgan Wortham, Gary Hall

Order and Disorder: Time, Techology and the Self
    Gavin Kendall, Mike Michael