Culture Machine

Vol. 14 Platform Politics

edited by Joss Hands, Greg Elmer
and Ganaele Langlois

Introduction: Politics, Power and ‘Platformativity’
Joss Hands

The Research Politics of Social Media Platforms
Ganaele Langlois, Greg Elmer

Social Computing as a Platform for Memory
Neal Thomas

Software Tunnels Through the Rags ‘n Refuse: Object Oriented Software Studies and Platform Politics
Paul Caplan

Immaterial Civil War: The World Wide War on the Web
Harry Halpin

Platform Infomediation and Journalism
Eugenia Siapera

Platform Communism
Joss Hands

Red Plenty Platforms
Nick Dyer-Witheford

Information as Politics
Tim Jordan

Death Proof: On the Biopolitics and Noopolitics
of Memorializing Dead Facebook Users
Tero Karppi

Critically Engineered Wireless Politics
Jussi Parikka

Giving What you Don’t Have:
Interviews with Sean Dockray and Dmytri Kleiner
Cornelia Sollfrank

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