People flying drones

Vol 16 (2015)

Drone Culture

edited by Rob Coley and Dean Lockwood

Table of Contents

As Above, So Below: Triangulating Drone Culture

Rob Coley and Dean Lockwood

Drone Metaphysics

Benjamin Noys

Provocation: Unmanned Aerial Realtors

Alexander Baker Perspective: The Drone: God’s Eye, Death Machine, Cultural Puzzle Naief Yehya Dancing to a Tune: The Drone as Political and Historical Assemblage Ramon Bloomberg Drone Media: Unruly Systems, Radical Empiricism and Camera Consciousness Anthony McCosker The Control Room: A Media Archaeology Cormac Deane Drone It Yourself! On the Decentring of ‘Drone Stories’ Maximilian Jablonowski Provocation: A Prairie Drone Companion Brad Bolman Perspective: Vague Ideas, Clear Images Eva Parra Iñesta Educative Power: The Myth of Dronic Violence in a Period of Civil War Mike Neary Vaporents: Inhuman Orientations Dane Sutherland Welcome to the Electrocene, an Algorithmic Agartha Dan Mellamphy, Nandita Biswas Mellamphy Monarch Drone Communiqué Plastique Fantastique
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