Vol 13 (2012)

Paying Attention

edited by Patrick Crogan and Samuel Kinsley

Table of Contents


Paying Attention: Towards a Critique of the Attention Economy PDF
Patrick Crogan, Samuel Kinsley
Relational Ecology and the Digital Pharmakon PDF
Bernard Stiegler
Attention, Economy and the Brain PDF
Tiziana Terranova
Wagers Within the Image: Rise of Visuality, Transformation of Labour, Aesthetic Regimes PDF
Jonathan Beller
Towards Peer-to-Peer Alternatives: An Interview with Michel Bauwens PDF
Samuel Kinsley
Escaping Attention: Digital Media Hardware, Materiality and Ecological Cost PDF
Sy Taffel
Attention-seeking: Technics, Publics and Software Individuation PDF
Ben Roberts
A Technicity of Attention: How Software 'Makes Sense' PDF
Taina Bucher
Friends Like Mine: The Production of Socialised Subjectivity in the Attention Economy PDF
Martyn Thayne
Popping Up and Fading Out: Participatory Networks and Istanbul’s Creative City Project PDF
Rolien Hoyng
Second Life: Message (to Professionals), Attention! Economic Bubble (to the Rest of Us) PDF
Bjarke Liboriussen
Current Architectural Use of Virtual Worlds PDF
Bjarke Liboriussen, Ursula Plesner
We Won’t Fly for Art: Media Art Ecologies PDF
Ruth Catlow
Avoiding Vapour Trails in the Virtual Cloud: Developing Ethical Design Questions for Pervasive Media Producers PDF
Constance Fleuriot