Vol 1 (1999)

Taking Risks With The Future

Edited by Gary Hall and Dave Boothroyd

Table of Contents

...of the institution

Culture Machine
Literary force: institutional values HTML
Timothy Clark
Van Gogh's shoes, or, does the university have two left feet? HTML
Simon Wortham

...of Cultural Studies

At the cultural studies crossroads: after Tampere HTML
Dave Boothroyd
Life After Death of the Text HTML
Johan Fornas
A Prisoner of the Modern (Response to J. Fornas) HTML
Lawrence Grossberg
Cultural studies in the clouds: mourning for detail HTML
Tadeusz Slawek
The Future States of Politics HTML
Kenneth Surin
The Conflict of the Analysts HTML
Jan Campbell

...of New Technologies

Proust Before the Culture Machine HTML
Michael Naas
The Future Left to its Own Devices HTML
Adrian MacKenzie
There's always one more technology of otherness: an inter(net)view by Joanna Zylinska HTML
Sue Golding