Vol 2 (2000)

The University Culture Machine

Edited by Gary Hall and Simon Wortham

Table of Contents


Prospectus HTML
Culture Machine
Intellectual Courage: An Interview by Thomas Assheuer HTML
Jacques Derrida
Stay! Speak, Speak. I Charge Thee, Speak: An Interview by Wang Fengzhen and Shaobo Xie HTML
J. Hillis Miller
Frontiers: Of Literature and Philosophy HTML
Geoffrey Bennington
Belonging without Belonging: Deconstruction, Literature and the Institution HTML
Stephen Jarvis
Beautiful Knowledge, or, Reproducing the University Again? Walter Benjamin and the Institution of Knowledge HTML
Graham MacPhee
Why Read? HTML
Diane Elam
Cultural Politics and the Crisis of the University HTML
Henry A. Giroux
Banality, Book Publishing, and the Everyday Life of Cultural Studies HTML
Ted Striphas
The Future of the Humanities: Experimenting HTML
Samuel Weber
Hypertext as Subversive? HTML
David Kolb
Academic Publishing in the Online Era: What Will Be For-Fee and What Will Be For-Free? HTML
Stevan Harnard, Hal Varian, Bob Parks
Raelity HTML
Simon Wortham