Vol 5 (2003)

The E-Issue

Edited by Gary Hall

Table of Contents


Database Fever HTML
Culture Machine
Deeper into the Machine: The Future of Electronic Literature HTML
N. Katherine Hayles
Literary Ghosts: Liner Notes HTML
Mark Amerika
Literary Ghosts HTML
Mark Amerika
Ted Striphas
(e)TEXT: ERROR...404 NOT FOUND! Or the Disappearance of History HTML
Andy Miah
Cultural Studies E-Archive Project (Original Pirate Copy) HTML
Gary Hall
Wavespeech, Tapespeech, Blipspeech HTML
Alan Clinton
Can Art History Go On Without A Body? HTML
Charlie Gere
This Fanciful and Colorful Image: The Image of New Media Within the Contemporary Art Scene HTML
Anna Munster
What is Virtual Light? HTML
Cathryn Vasseleu
Layers of Code, Layers of Subjectivity HTML
Chris Chesher
After Method: The Remake (An Introduction to Ackeracy in Reporting) HTML
Gregory L. Ulmer
Ackeracy in Reporting (Last Supper in Santa Barbara by Paolo Veronese) HTML
Gregory L. Ulmer
Our Ailing Educational Institutions HTML
Bernard Stiegler, trans. Stefan Herbrechter